Visit Alba Iulia in December

One of the most important cities with historical significance in Romania is Alba-Iulia.

The most notable event that took place in Alba Iulia was undoubtedly the Great Union of all the Romanian provinces on 1st of December 1918, resulting in the state of Great Romania.

Alba Iulia City is found on the confluence between Mures River and Ampoi River at the foot of the Aiud Hills. It is the county seat of Alba County.

raditional singers al Alba Iulia

On the occasion of the National Day of Romania on 1st of December, if you happen to visit Alba-Iulia, we recommend that you find out beforehand the scheduled events. There are interesting events in which you can partake. You will notice a wide range of traditional outfits from different parts of Romania and you can taste the traditional dish offered by the municipality – beans with sausages.

Visiting Alba Carolina Fortress is free of charge on most areas. There is a parking lot near the main access, near the western gate. In order to visit this sightseeing objective we suggest investing at least half a day. If you wish to visit the History Museum inside the Fortress, you will undoubtedly need an entire day to see everything.

(excerpt from ‘Travel Guide Romania’)